Woman Who Allegedly Refused To Wear Mask And Coughed On Uber Driver Arrested On Multiple Charges

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It costs nothing to not be a piece of shit. Yet some people still feel the need to mess up their whole lives in a petty effort to prove some inane point, like two women in San Francisco, who are now facing charges of aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and violation of health and safety codes after allegedly coughing on and attacking an Uber driver who refused service after one of the passengers refused to wear a mask.

Arna Kimiai and Malaysia King are both in custody following a March 7, 2021 incident. They are suspected of attacking a rideshare operator after he realized one of the women was not wearing a mask in compliance with state and local public health orders. He told the riders he could not continue to ride until they all put on masks. From the San Fransisco Police Department:

An altercation ensued, largely captured on video, and one of the passengers reached over the driver from the rear seat area and stole the driver’s cellphone. The victim grabbed and eventually regained possession of his phone. The suspects then exited the vehicle, and another passenger reached into an open window and sprayed what is believed to be pepper spray into the car towards the driver. The suspects fled the scene. SFPD’s Robbery Unit took over the investigation and identified two suspects soon after, Ms. Kimiai and Ms. King.

Classy! Not only did one of them allegedly cough on the guy, but they tried to steal his phone and pepper sprayed him on their way out the door. Of course, this is even cooler because a guy driving for Uber probably has excellent health care, so he can play fast and loose with the still very much present pandemic that is currently regaining steam, largely due to assholes like this.

King was apprehended by the Las Vegas Police Department over the incident while Kimiai surrendered to authorities and was booked late on Monday.


Being kind is free, but being arrested on multiple counts of being a Grade-A jerk can quickly get expensive. If you can’t be respectful of other people because they are, you know, people, at least do it for yourself.