Woman Uses Floor Jack to Free Drunk Kid From Car

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In yet another example of a car pinning someone ejected from their own car (and not wearing a seatbelt again), a drunk Wisconsin teenager was freed from underneath his girlfriend's Mercury Cougar by a local woman and her brother-in-law with a floor jack. The best part of this story, other than the kid surviving, is the quote from the nice woman who saved the kid: "We just kind of eased him out of there. He was really alert. He was determined... he wanted that car off his legs." Now that's what we call an understatement. Let this be a wake-up call for some of you, if you're going to drive without a seatbelt make sure you get launched at least 100 yards from the car for your own safety.

Witness uses floor jack to free man trapped by car [Fond du Lac Reporter]

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A teenager in Wisconsin...drunk? That couldn't be. I'm assuming this kid must be a Badger, it fits the description all too well.