Woman Tells Police That Child Was In Her Stolen Car, Just So They'd Search Harder

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After about two hours of extensive searching for a stolen car with a child inside, Baltimore police discovered that they’d sent out a helicopter to find a kid who was in daycare the whole time.


According to The Baltimore Sun, a woman left her parked car running on Friday morning and witnessed a man enter the vehicle and drive off. The woman reported that her 2-year-old son was in the backseat the car when stolen, and police told reporters that she fabricated the abduction story in order to get her car back sooner.

Her 2008 Mazda, to be exact. No, it wasn’t her priceless sports car (like the 1972 Ferrari Daytona stolen and set ablaze in Australia recently) that needed to be returned immediately or the world would come crashing down on life as we know it.

The Washington Post reports that police spent a considerable amount of search resources to find the boy—seriously, they brought a helicopter out—only to discover that he was safe in a daycare center. Baltimore police spokesman T. J. Smith said that the mother will receive charges making a false statement to police, and the department will check with Child Protective Services to make sure that the boy is safe in the mother’s custody.

The car remains stolen for the time being, and the police search continues—just probably not as extensively this time around.

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Hopefully Maryland has statute that allows them to recover costs incurred by false reports, and hopefully they use it here. This dumb pile of human garbage should have to pay for every cent of the money incurred looking for her kid.