Woman Steals SUV From Fire Department, Leads Police Department On Chase

You know, if you're going to steal a car, you should probably make sure it's a fairly inconspicuous one. Or at least one that law enforcement can't actively track with GPS.

A Houston woman learned that lesson the hard way after authorities say she stole a Houston Fire Department supervisor's SUV and then led police officers on a chase that didn't end even after the spike strips came out.


TV station ABC13 reports that the unnamed suspect jumped into the HFD vehicle at Station 69 and drove off. The keys were left in the ignition, which is such a bad idea, and you'd think a firefighter would know better, right?

Anyway, dispatchers tracked the SUV using the GPS device inside, and police chased the woman up and down the Sam Houston Tollway and the North Freeway.

Eventually a constable's deputy threw down some spike strips along the feeder road of the tollway, blowing two of her tires. That still didn't stop her; she drove to a grocery store parking lot, where she got out and surrendered.

Next time, try Zipcar, lady.

Hat tip to Ilya!

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