If you would like to drive several different cars for free there are two ways you can do it. You can become an auto journalist and manufactures will give you press cars almost every week. Or you can follow the model of a Tennesee woman who stole a car, test drove another car, then stole the second vehicle.

According to The Daily Times, a woman who stole a car from a Maryville dealership while supposedly on a test drive. Joanmarie Astudillo the owner of Noble Auto Sales, contacted police on Wednesday after the woman never returned from her test drive of a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I guess she really liked it, after all, the 90's Maxima was a labeled by Nissan a 4DSC or "four-door-sports car."


Astudillo told deputies the woman was dropped off at the dealership by a man driving a Honda Civic. When deputies ran the license plate on the Honda, they discovered the vehicle had been stolen out of Knoxville.

According to the report the when the woman went for a test drive she provided the driver license of a Memphis woman. Authorities are not sure whether or not the ID provided was indeed her own.

This method of trying out multiple cars is not recommended.

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