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In what sounds like a rejected Grey's Anatomy Season 3 storyline, a woman says she's still haunted by her dead boyfriend while she's driving.


Deanna Stinson of Sacramento, Calif. told the local CBS station she's felt her boyfriend's ghost touching her hair, shoulders and thighs while driving – all of which nearly made her crash.

"My concentration would be lost a lot of the time, but I would just pray and it would stop," she said.

Stinson thought it was because of her 2002 GMC Sierra, so she swapped that for a Ford Focus. That hasn't helped, apparently, so she called a ghostbuster, who said her boyfriend's ghost is attached to her and not her cars.

What do you tell the cop that pulls you over because the ghost of your significant other won't stop bothering you while you drive? No, really.


Hat tip to Justin Hyde

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