Woman Run Over Saving Duck In Poorly Planned Escape

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A Seattle man is in jail, a Petco employee is in a cast but Mr. Peepers the duck is going to be okay. The man, Kenneth Quinlan, dropped his girlfriend off at Petco and decided to kill time by lifting an iPod speaker system from an adjacent store. A guard intervened and Quinlan, who apparently needed the speakers badly, beat him up and ran out of the store to his car. Just then, his girlfriend, Mr. Peepers in hand, approached the car. The car hit the girlfriend and Mr. Peepers went flying. Seeing the endangered duck, an exceptionally committed Petco employee rescued Mr. Peepers from the path of the car but was run over. The employee is going to be fine, but Quinlan hit another car on the road and is now in police custody. Though, in his defense, he'd apparently just gotten a methadone dose at the clinic. So, no harm no fowl.

Assault Charges Filed, Duck Unharmed [UPI]

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@Vintage Racer: Also should point out that said phrase is usually used when no harm is committed. Sounds like somebody got harmed here, being run over by a car and all. Just sayin'

But throw the duck in the mix, and yeah, it's a pretty funny story.