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Woman 'Not Sure' How Dead Body Ended Up In Her Trunk

Illustration for article titled Woman Not Sure How Dead Body Ended Up In Her Trunk

Don't you hate when you walk back to your car after shopping, pop the trunk to put the groceries inside, and come face to face with the corpse of your neighbor? That will ruin your whole afternoon! And it's what one woman in Los Angeles says happened to her at a local Walmart.


The body was reportedly found inside a gold Lexus GS300, according to KCAL, the local CBS affiliate. Although the woman says she discovered the body after opening the trunk, Riverside County Sheriff's Office said the victim was likely killed where the woman lived. Which would make sense as KCAL also reported the woman told witnesses she knew the victim as her neighbor.

Sgt. Dave Amador of the Riverside Police Department told the news channel that he found the circumstances of the case to be unique. It doesn't seem like people discovering dead bodies in their trunks is exactly commonplace.

It's very unusual, it's one of a kind. I mean, we do get bodies in trunks. But to open it up and say they know him. And didn't know they were in there, that's unusual.


So, if the man in the trunk was killed back in Pomona, where the woman lives—why didn't she notice? Well, she apparently told police she had smelled something funny in the car, and yet it appears she never actually felt the need to investigate.

Now, I've never had a dead body in my trunk, but I imagine some pine scented air fresheners are not going to make that smell tolerable enough for me to put it off while I visit the local big box store. Just sayin'.

Screencap via KCAL.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Well, I guess you could say, that she had some dead weight in the trunk...