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Given the frequency with which police chases are aired on television, it is a bit of a surprise that Baker County, Florida senior citizen Mary B. Davis didn't know the proper way to bail out of a vehicle. Maybe she was upset that her son had been arrested after a domestic dispute call. Maybe it was because she was 63. Maybe it was the van she was driving. Whatever the reason, the local Sheriff claims that the woman was threatening locals after her son's arrest and rather then risk arrest herself, she jumped in her van and hit the road, but not before hitting a few other things. Davis almost ended up with a more serious charge after nearly running over a deputy on the scene that was, thankfully, quick enough to jump out of the way. Though she missed him, she did manage to hit a riding lawnmower. After bailing out of the van she apparently fell, which is when the van rolled off of the lawnmower and mowed her down. Though she avoided life-threatening injuries, Ms. Davis will be long suffering the consequences of this road rage incident. We're not sure what kind of van it was, but we're guessing it's a Spinelli custom. [UPI via Motive]


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