Woman Crashes Car Into Convenience Store To Steal 1,500 Lotto Tickets

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Your chances of winning a big lottery jackpot like the Mega Millions are somewhere around 1 in 135 million. But what are your odds of winning if you get ALL THE LOTTERY TICKETS because you stole them when you rammed your car into a convenience store?

Not that great, as one woman in Louisville, Kentucky is finding out. According to TV news station WLKY, police there say she backed her Monte Carlo into a locked convenience store around 3 a.m. to steal 1,500 lottery tickets in April. Police recently released surveillance video of the theft and say they're still looking for her.

She hasn't done all that well, though. A few hours later she cashed about 200 of the tickets but only won a few hundred dollars. The rest have been "flagged" so that police will be notified if she tries to cash them, according to local news reports.


Maybe if she does win the jackpot somehow she can help pay for the damage to the store, which was around $4,000.

No word on how badly her Monte Carlo was busted up, though. Yet another reason she should hope to win big. But you've gotta spend money to make money, right?

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