Ah, a Sunday night in Montana. You know what that means? It's time to go for a drunk horse ride and then a nice drunk drive after hours of other drunk activities.

In the very early morning hours of April 29th, Dawnalee Ellis-Peterson was riding her horse through Billings, MT. She was stopped by police and was described as "extremely intoxicated." However, a horse isn't a car, so she was allowed to go on her merry way home.


No breathalyzer test was conducted on the horse, because, well, it's a horse.

After her horse ride, Ellis-Peterson decided it was a good idea to hop in her truck and drive. If you can ride a horse while drunk, how hard could driving be? Very hard, it seems.


Ellis-Peterson's pickup truck was pulled over and she was arrested. This is her fourth DUI charge in the last 20 years.

Pro tip: If you are drunk and need to get from point to point, ride a horse. Don't drive a car. They used to do it in the Old West, and it's still ok to do now.


(Hat Tip to bconnolly79!)