Witness The Disgusting Process That Really Goes Into Painting A Car

(Image Credit: Ammo NYC/YouTube)

This video gets uncomfortably close to the chemical processes at work during a comprehensive re-paint of a Porsche 911. And man, it’s stranger to watch than alien eggs hatching. Even if you already know how filthy and laborious car painting is, these guys take detail-work to another level.

Repainting is just one element of the full-on restoration being wrought on this Porsche, and it’s pretty cool to see the artistry of what it takes to re-install the roof of a slicktop car.


The work you’re seeing here is a little advanced to absorb as DIY advice, unless your takeaway is: “I really should outsource my car’s paint to a professional.”

Of course, like so many things else, you can do a decent job on a re-paint with a lot less careful labor. But if the goal is perfection, here’s an idea of what’s waiting for you.

I think I’ll stick with rattle cans for now. Or maybe just some stickers. Actually, my car looks fine the way it is.

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