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German scientists have been working on a number of different paint technologies that could appear on new vehicles within the next few decades. One of the most prominent is "chameleon" paint, which would change color to somewhat luminesce at dusk, making vehicles more visible. Not thrilling enough for you, techboy? Then how 'bout electrically-conductive paint that fatigues and cracks along with metal and alerts the vehicle's pilot to impending structural failure?


Other ideas include graffiti-resistant paint that would allow offensive, unauthorized peni scrawled across your rear-quarter to simply be wiped away, as well as coatings that resist sap. Our favorite part of the article by far, however, reads as follows: "Research shows sharkskin actually slides through water better and, if sharks could fly, would also be more aerodynamic than smooth, polished skin." Screw all this paint stuff. Why aren't they working on inventing a freakin' flying sharks?

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