Winning The Baja 1000 Takes Serious Preparation

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Racers started preparing for the Baja 1000 months before the race began. While success takes a lot of luck and good driving during the race, the real race begins with proper build and preparation of the vehicle. This holds as true for Cameron Steele’s winning trophy truck as it does for Pro Moto Unlimited winner Justin Morgan.

Both are supported by Monster Energy. Morgan won the race overall, the first bike by nearly 40 minutes. Meanwhile Steele won the coveted Trophy Truck Unlimited class by just over four minutes. It’s one of the last racing events that rewards ultimate preparation for any eventuality, as well as a massive fortitude.

Baja is 1000 miles of treacherous terrain, running more than 16 hours through the desert, largely racing in the dark of night. Steele comments in the video below that he thinks racing at night is safer than day driving, because all of the competitors have bright lights on, and you can see them coming, and anything that moves in your light beam is a little easier to pick out.


Steele’s winning Trophy Truck gets a lot of the action in this video, likely because it’s easier to film a big truck like that than a small zippy motorcycle. In any case, this video is short and sweet and worth a watch.

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