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Bumbeck's threatening to get on his bad motor scooter and descend down the 110 from the heights of Montrose to check out Gawker Media's new San Pedro facilities. And when we think of Bumbeck, we think of two things (among other things): Sammy Hagar's pre-solo oeuvre and this classic dictum: "I have a theory that every new automotive trend in Oakland starts with somebody inheriting their grandmother's car." Hence the '94 Park Avenues with dubs run sans lowering job, colloquially known in certain 'hoods as "scrapers." Now imagine somebody's grandma in across the Bay in Palo Alto passed away, leaving behind a perfectly serviceable '99 Century in her wake. Read on for the result.


Some technologically inclined nutjob has decided to pimp out his late-model Buick (There are actually late-model Buicks? Who knew?) with the latest in Windows-based mobile entertainment. The Win-MCE-centered system features a 7" touch screen hooked up to a CPU featuring 512MB of RAM, an 80-gig drive, wireless 802.11g networking and a slot-loading, dual-layer DVD burner. Better not park that sucker in Oakland...

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