Ever wanted to have Ken Block's Gymkhana-tested Ford Fiesta Monster Rally car? Yeah, us too. But you can't have it. So here's the next best thing — an opportunity to win one of three just-released-today Ken Block Fiesta Hot Wheels cars — including one you won't be able to buy today... because they already sold out!

There's three different cars — three 1:16th RC cars, three nitro speeders, and three die-cast Fiestas (pictured above). The RC cars and nitro speeders are fun because they're interactive. The die-cast car is awesome because it's rare like steak.


So we'll choose the nine winners by randomly selecting them from the commenters on the "Comment here for a chance to win a Ken Block Ford Fiesta" thread on our official Jalopnik Facebook fan page.

It's all part of our continuing attempt to build the next generation of auto enthusiasts. What better way for you to help spread the message of love of cars to your friends — as loyal soldiers in the Jalopnik army — than Facebook? (Well, maybe Google+, but nobody's on that yet. Well, other than me.)

All you have to do is head over and join our official Facebook page and drop a comment saying which car you want (choose either RC car, nitro speeder car, or die-cast car) on the "Comment here for a chance to win a Ken Block Ford Fiesta" thread. Your comment serves as your entry into a random drawing for the model. All you have to do is join and comment. We'll randomly pick one winner tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

Our standard contest rules apply.


FYI: we turned off comments on this post so as not to confuse folks who don't read instructions well. If you want to win you have to comment on the thread on Facebook, NOT HERE! That is all.


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