WillieRun 2008: Coast-To-Coast Trip To Promote BioWillie Diesel Fuel

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Reader Nik writes us about an adventure of sorts he's planning to undertake: He and an associate will be driving across the country, non-stop from Manhattan to LA on one tank of BioWillie biodiesel. BioWillie, in case you aren't aware, is Willie Nelson's premium brand of biofuel. The trip is intended to raise awareness of the product and promote the benefits of biodiesel over more buzz-generating alternatives like hybrids. They intend to set off September 22 in a 2006 Jetta TDI equipped with a secondary high-capacity fuel tank filled to the brim with BioWillie.Jalopnik Snap Judgment: What. The. Hell. This email hits us and we damn near lose our minds with all the crazy angles it has. BioWillie? That sounds like the title of the worst sci-fi porno you've ever seen. And this "traveling across the country in a Jetta powered with Willie Nelson-branded biofuel" — read that sentence again — its like a spoof of a spoof of a spoof. If we didn't know better we'd wonder if this is some kind of front operation for evading the IRS, smuggling dope, plying the bandanna trade, or an homage to men with ponytails. Can you even imagine how many times these guys will be listening to On the road again? And then they tell us they're thinking of opening it up to other teams next year for a Cannonball-style Willierun09. There may not be enough rolling paper in the world to support such an undertaking. [WillieRun08]


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pedal to the mettle

@toyotaboy: I don't think saving money is the point of using biodiesel and Willie's is made from soybeans, not corn.