Illustration for article titled Will The Toyota Mirai Concept Be The Next Supra In Disguise?

Here are five words we've been hearing for about 15 years: "A new Supra is coming." This time those words might mean something. Toyota is bringing a concept called the Mirai to Detroit, and if we're lucky it'll presage a new Supra.

Toyota is being totally tight lipped about what they're showing in Detroit, but the big rumor du jour is that the car they show will be a new Supra. It makes sense. Toyota definitely wants to be involved in the new Japanese sports car war that the Nissan GT-R started and the Acura NSX will soon join.


Details are seriously scarce on the Mirai at the moment, and I'm hoping it's not just an elaborate trick to then show us some sort of hybrid econobox, but I'm willing to bet that if it is a Supra-esque sports car, there will be some hybrid elements. We'll know more when it debuts at Detroit next week.

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