Illustration for article titled Will the LF-LC save Lexus from death by beige?

We got our first leaked look at the Lexus LF-LC concept car by way of Road & Track's gun-jumping. Now Lexus is in on the act, dropping their own photo of the brand's beige-busting show car.


Lexus says the LF-LC, a 2+2 sport coupe, is a "clean sheet" design from company's Calty design studio in Newport Beach, Calif. Anyone with functioning eyes can spot references to the Lexus LFA's controversial styling. Naturally, the concept is a hybrid of some sort.


I like it. It's risky and forward-reaching, but not grasping at relevance by being too self-consciously "organic." The last thing the world needs is a sports car that looks like something sprawled across the fish case at Whole Foods.

Can't wait to see the rest of it in Detroit.

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