Will Secret Italian Supercar Be the New King of Speed?

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A new supercar with a four-digit horsepower figure is reportedly nearing completion in a secret location in Modena, Italy. The Project 1221 MF1 is the brainchild of Mauro Forghieri, a former Ferrari engineer, who developed the 250 GTO and 330P, among other racing legends. The new berlinetta (sports coupe), which suggests the Bugatti Veyron in performance, is being held under a greater veil of secrecy than a skunkworks jet fighter. Still, the company says the MF1 will be unveiled this summer, with first delivery scheduled for early 2008.


16.03.2005 Undergoing final development in Modena - THE PROJECT 1221 MF1 Supercar [Italiaspeed]

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