Earlier today, a number of pictures of the orgasmically wonderful Jaguar F-Type Coupe leaked. But look at the black one. That little circle, is that an "S" in that circle? No. It's a little "R." Get excited.


Right now, the V8S is the top of the range F-Type, with 495 horsepower out of its supercharged V8. How do you top that in an R model? Well, call it a hunch, but I'm betting that an F-Type R would have the same engine as an XKR-S.

That means 550 horsepower and a noise that could make the deaf hear.

If our hunch is right and we do see the F-Type R tonight, we'll have more details on the car, like weight, performance figures, if those are carbon brakes, and more as we know them.

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