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Will Holden Consider Efijy for Production?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What would you pay for Holden's Efijy throwback concept? How about a million bucks? Apparently the world's ultra-rich are squaring off in an attempt to gain possession of the Australian-built homage to American lead sleds of the early 1950s. Those include sheiks, British businessmen and the brother of Russia's president Vladimir Putin. Of course, Holden says the Efijy — built on a stretched Corvette chassis and powered by a 645-hp supercharged LS2 — is going into no one's hands but its own. But that hasn't led the Aussie motoring press to muse that Holden may consider building copies to meet the demand. At a million bucks each, the company could cash in spectacularly. And that'll bring even greater resources to build more American muscle cars. Yes, kangaroo is the new steak. [CARSguide via GM Inside News]