Will Gran Turismo 6 Be Announced On May 15th?

Gran Turismo, one of the greatest racing game series ever, turns 15 this year. There is an event May 15th at the Silverstone Circuit where Polyphony Digital will celebrate that anniversary and make "exciting announcements about its future." Gran Turismo 6, anyone?

There has recently been a lot of speculation about when GT6 will come out, with some pegging it for a holiday release later this year. While those were proven to be just rumors (and the box art was totally stolen), it does sound like Polyphony is ready to make some major announcements about the future of the franchise.


The video they released shows the Silverstone Circuit, a track that hasn't been in any of the Gran Turismo games, and mixes live action with game action. Perhaps there will also be some GT Academy announcements that day? Rumors also peg GT6 to be on the PS3, not Sony's upcoming PS4. Perhaps there will be an announcement in that regard as well.

The end of the video leads me to believe it's a game announcement, and I sure hope it is. While GT5 is good fun, it hasn't lived up that full potential. Here's to hoping GT6 is better. We'll find out for sure when Polyphony makes its announcement on May 15th.

(Hat Tip to Marquette!)

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