Will Care By Volvo Be Worth It Despite All The Problems?

Volvo’s new Care by Volvo subscription program is off to a rocky start. This innovative program is an alternative to traditional leasing in that a new XC40, insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 concierge service, among other amenities, are all included for a flat rate starting at $600 a month. And it’s all available at the push of a button from your phone. Easy, right?


Well, for at least some customers, the specific delivery dates given by Volvo for their new XC40s have been pushed back multiple times, and some indefinitely.

While I’m personally not a fan of leases, I am a fan of apps designed to offer simple solutions to life’s challenges and an app that could deliver all that Volvo’s Care by Volvo subscription service promises to in a streamlined fashion would be akin to my love for apps like Postmates or Lyft and Uber. And if in a future where this scenario might come to pass, I might find myself quite tempted. Here’s hoping.


Do you think the program’s worth it, in spite of all its launch troubles?

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