Remember when USF1 tried to be a full on Formula One entry from the USA? Remember how that didn't work at all? Well, Gene Haas of NASCAR's Stewart-Haas racing wants to enter F1 next year with Ferrari power. Whaaaaa?

Gene Haas is a wealthy man. He's one of those people that would be wealthy enough to start his own F1 team. Haas owns the renowned Windshear wind tunnel in North Carolina and is a successful businessman on his own, outside of F1.

Haas Racing, as the team would be called, would have cars designed in house and built by Dallara. The engine and transmission would be provided by Ferrari, and Red Bull's Gunter Steiner has been tapped to run the team.


It's also been reported that the budget for the team will be nine figures large, as they aim to not repeat the bankruptcy that befell the beleaguered USF1 Team. Hopefully this comes to fruition and isn't just another sample of vaporware and people talking out of their asses about money.

Along with Haas Racing, Stefan GP and former Jordan boss Colin Kolles have also lodged 2015 series entries. Now to see who wins.