I wonder about illogical switch placement sometimes. People tend to think they know where buttons should go and wonder why automakers decide to put them in seemingly stupid places. It's the whole window switches on the door battle that I've lost.

Jason brought up a notable placement of the emergency call button in the SRT Viper and I agree, it's a bad place. Like, dangerously bad. Like, go to jail because you placed a fake 9-1-1 call bad.


Or is it bad? As 04S60R pointed out, maybe Chrysler's engineers think it's a great crime-stopping feature there:

"Is it supposed to mimic a bank teller's silent alarm button? That's natural."

Carjacker: Get out of the Viper!

Driver: Sure let me just adjust the mirror for you...

The Viper just became the car to have to avoid getting carjacked. They'll sell millions now, and you'll never question the button placement ever again.

Photo: Jason Torchinsky

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