Why You Should Be Nice To New York Cyclists

A pedestrian made the mistake of becoming embroiled in a brawl with a Kryptonite-wielding cyclist in Manhattan on Sunday with predictable results. Just imagine if his face had been your precious car. [via Gothamist]


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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

It's really not fair to judge this situation without audio. I could go either way:

Scenario 1: This was a jackass-style video where Dude A films Dude B harassing cyclists downtown just for the fun of it. The cyclist was repeatedly provoked and Dude B ignored all opportunity to back off. Verdict:Beating deserved.

Scenario 2: The agitator doesn't really have an angry stance or body language. He might be autistic, mentally disabled, or just a talkative drunk. I'm baffled by his lack of fear and backing off once the chain came round a few times. It really makes me think he's not in a proper mental state.

Verdict: Beating way over the line. This is NYC, don't most people learn to ignore the street crazies?