Why Yes, That Is A Cougar Trike

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Superstar commenter mytdawg was shopping for wheels over the weekend and spotted this gem of a jalopy: the hind-end of a Mercury Cougar mated to what look like Honda forks, all powered by a GM V8. Excellent. Details below

Went to look at a pair of rally wheels Sunday and this was in the driveway. Old dude had 2 gorgeous SS El Caminos in the garage. A 1967 with a 427 and a 1972 with a 454.

Quite the fabricator apparently. This thing has a steering wheel that moves toward the passenger side so he can get in and then locks back into place in front of him.

It's got a motor home type airbag in the triple tree holding the weight so it's not on the fork springs.

The radiator is in the trunk with an electric fan and the area between the tail lights is grill material plus there's a big hole in the trunk for air flow.


(Thanks for the tip mytdawg)

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While I was doing all that fab work anyways, I would have gone ahead and taken the roof off as well. The point of something like this to me is wind in your hair motoring, if it's still going to have a mostly enclosed cabin, I'd rather just drive the Cougar. But make a trike roadster with a soft top out of it, then you're on to something. Still, pretty neat fabrication.