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Why Should GM Boxes Have All The Donkin' Fun?

Illustration for article titled Why Should GM Boxes Have All The Donkin Fun?

The problem with putting huge-diameter wheels on most cars is the pesky fenderwells getting in the way, but this Floridian has avoided that problem by putting 20s on a VW-based dune buggy. A bit of fiberglass cutting and they fit just fine! Nitpickers might point out that the dunes are now off-limits with this setup, and that the pavement handling qualities might be a bit scary with that swingaxle rear and 20/80 front/rear weight distribution... but you'll be having so much fun with the insane power-to-weight ratio offered by the 2200cc engine that you won't fear death! Thanks to Mehugtree for the tip! [Craigslist Ft. Lauderdale]


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Ash78, voting early and often

@FreeMan: Look at the dish on the rear wheel. Now look at the appears to be tilted away from the camera, toward the car. Drastically, too. It's like you're looking at it straight on...or it's a photoshop job!