Why Russian highways need more inspection stations

Russians have a well-earned reputation for keeping things running long after they'd be abandoned by us disposable-culture Westerners. But this video of a dutiful truck driver and his nearly demolished ride takes that idea to its limit.

Older Japanese commercial vehicles are not uncommon in normally left-hand-drive Russia, where this bit of video was captured; this may explain why this truck's stoic and heavily-dressed (though cheerful on-camera) driver is sitting on the right-hand side. Less easy to surmise is what might have possibly caused those unreal levels of twisted metal and shattered fiberglass — the driver's door may be the only panel on the cab that wasn't crushed or twisted in whatever it was that happened, and the cargo box isn't in much better shape. Regardless, it's on the road and moving at a respectable clip. More power to Ivan Ivanovitch for keeping it going, but best to keep a good distance away all the same.


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