Why Not Buy a Hearse?

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An early myspace pal we haven't talked to in two or three years or so (we're largely retainers, not deleters) posted a bulletin about one of her myspace pal's need to sell a hearse. Said multi-degree myspacester is asking $3k and is apparently known as "Maverick Cadaverick," which brings to mind Steve Miller, Tom Cruise and um, er, uh...45 Grave? Plus, it's in Fresno, which ensures its Valley-Goth credentials. Formaldehyde and crystal meth? What a heritage one could inherit with this machine! It's a '76 Cad, which makes it the perfect cover for busting Murdock out of the VA hospital, and as a bonus to Professional Car collectors, it actually looks pretty-well stock. [MaverickCadaverick]


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The Caddy hearse is pretty classic but the ambulance is the vehicle to have.

My roommates and I bought a '68 Caddy ambulance in college. The stretched sedan could hold 4 up front on a nice leather bench and about 10 in back. The monster alternator also provided 110V in the rear compartment, excellent for stereo gear and refrigeration. 472 V8 gave adequate performance and hell, no one got in your way anyway. Gumball machine and flashers (which I swear were '59 caddy tail lamps) made it easy get a waitress at the drive in - we took the "Lights On For Service" sign seriously.

I miss that car.