Why Not Buy a Hearse?

An early myspace pal we haven't talked to in two or three years or so (we're largely retainers, not deleters) posted a bulletin about one of her myspace pal's need to sell a hearse. Said multi-degree myspacester is asking $3k and is apparently known as "Maverick Cadaverick," which brings to mind Steve Miller, Tom Cruise and um, er, uh...45 Grave? Plus, it's in Fresno, which ensures its Valley-Goth credentials. Formaldehyde and crystal meth? What a heritage one could inherit with this machine! It's a '76 Cad, which makes it the perfect cover for busting Murdock out of the VA hospital, and as a bonus to Professional Car collectors, it actually looks pretty-well stock. [MaverickCadaverick]


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