Why No One Will Sell You The Bike You Want

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Ever wondered why you don't ride a motorcycle? It's not because your mom says they're dangerous. It's because no one's ever demonstrated their advantages to you in a way that matters, then offered you the one you want.

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Charlie Zulu

ADV guy here. Adventure folks are a rather small community of riders who gear up like we’re headed for a moon landing, usually carry every tool needed for our own bike (and a few that we know our buddies might need), we test out GPS apps and carry Spots or InReach machines. Keep the low-beams on most of the time, but run the aux lights in the slightly down-angled position for traffic/road riding. We check tire pressure and wear all the time (...sure, air it down, I have the compressor with me for when we get back on the pavement). We stop for (or do the universal ‘you ok?’ signalling) for riders of all brands and models on the side of the road. We tend to waive at all other two-wheeled creatures. It’s a great community, and there are plenty of small-CC paths to entry, and the market tops out with bikes on which you can live for days, weeks, or whatever. Also, when you learn to ride a bike in the dirt, it accelerates (no pun intended) your appreciation for the friction patch and all the other physics of the two-wheeled piloting experience.

Just one warning: if you stop to talk to one of us, you usually end up with a new person you’d like as a riding buddy, or at least someone you’ll end up talking about how that 21" front does in the sand (game-changer), and if those Doubletake mirrors are really worth it (they are).

Finally: if found in the wild, please know that we don’t smell very good. The saving grace here is that very shortly after we’ve put the kickstand down for the day, the smell of a campfire and beer mask whatever the Monkey Butt powder did not.