Why Mitsubishi Deserves a Second Chance in America

Yes, we all know that Mitsu is a somewhat beleagured brand these days. But they did give us the mighty Starion, the totally underrated Mirage Turbo hatchback, and of course, the nothing-short-of-obscenely miraculous Lancer Evo. Paukert drove the upcoming Lancer on some winding roads near Santa Barbara recently, and seemed to like it just fine. But that doesn't matter. Without Mitsubishi, we wouldn't have Super Active Yaw Control, Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing-and-lift Electronic Control or, most importantly, SUPER POTENTIAL!. There, Mitsubishi, we just came up with your new tagline: Super. Innovative. Mitsubishi. Check's in the mail? Great, thanks. Business doing potential with you.


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I tried to post about this last Friday, but it no worky and I didn't want commit the dreaded double post hara-kiri.

While Mitsu has given us the Starion, and the Pajero/Montero, and of course, the Evo...it is also responsible for the Eclipse, which along with the Toyota Solara is way up there on my "cars I hate" list.

Why is it that every Eclipse I see on the road has either "Club Bad Boy" or "Girlie Girl Racing" stickers on it? Plus an exhaust cannister the diameter of the steering wheel on my Caterham, complete with the inevitable melted and/or stained rear bumper skirt due to poor planning/idiocy of owner who put new can on the car.