Why Is Top Gear Filming These F1 Cars In A Random Parking Lot?

It sounds like Top Gear will be showcasing at least three F1 cars next weekend. So why are they driving them around a random British parking lot?

The cars in question are from Lotus, Williams, and Red Bull, and are driving around a parking lot in Milton Keynes, which is right in the area where basically every F1 team is based.


I'm not sure why they're doing it, but I have a couple of hunches. It might be an inside look at where all the F1 teams are based and why they're there. Actually, it probably isn't that. That sounds a little too serious for Top Gear.

The other idea, and this might be more likely, is that Lotus, Williams, and Red Bull all share Renault power. So maybe which is faster around a short oval parking lot.

What do you think? Why are they filming them? Supposedly we'll get our answer next Sunday.

(Hat Tip to xicofixas!)

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