Why is Jose Canseco pissed off at CarMax?

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If you've been reading ballplayer-turned-martial-arts-asskicker Jose Canseco's Twitter posts (and of course you have), you already know he's been heartsick over a woman. And you now know he's seriously pissed off with used-car giant CarMax. Canseco's been Android tweeting from Burbank today, damning the used-car giant with lines like "Car Max is a scam."


It appears Canseco's problem with CarMax revolves around a trade-in, but we don't know what kind of car he was trying to trade in. An employee of the Burbank CarMax store confirmed he had been on the premises, and speaking with sales consultants earlier today. Clearly, it didn't end well with Mr. Canseco, who was already having a bad month.


CarMax has since been desperately reaching out to Jose Canseco via Twitter to call their customer relations line.

As you can see from the shot above, during Canseco's match with Choi Hong-man at first Round of Super Hulk Tournament during Dream.9 at Yokohama Arena, the dude can do some damage. Perhaps he also just applied his roundhouse to CarMax's reputation.

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3 years ago, they offered me $1,900 for a mint 1998 BMW 323iS with about 100K.

I laughed, and sold it a couple months later for $6,500