If you are like me and went through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in public school, then you know how inconsequential it was—so much so that it’s now a trendy sarcastic t-shirt on the west coast. You may also now enjoy this trippy Fiat video.


Designed by famed animator Cyriak for Fiat at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, we get taken down the looking glass of Fiat’s past. There are Fiats skating while wearing other Fiats as skates. There are psychedelic Fiats hopping in and out of other Fiats. There are some chic dancing people juxtaposed among Fiats driving on disco balls.


Lovely. This is for the new Fiat 500 60th Anniversary Limited Addition. There will only be 560 made, and so far it’s only confirmed for Europe. So I guess their target demographic isn’t the post-D.A.R.E. American folks, but this video definitely appeals to that crowd.

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Car is nice, too.

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