Why Does The United States Air Force Have The Weirdest Twitter On Earth?

The US Air Force has spent over $60 billion on the F-22, a fighter that doesn't really work and sometimes chokes people. How much is it spending on Twitter? Judging by the output, negative $50,000.

It's hard to figure out exactly what the taxpayer-funded @usairforce is there for. It's a mix of historical blips, links to soccer matches, factoids, strange motivational shouts, and lots of exclamation points. It's the drunk Thanksgiving uncle of Twitter, telling you to take off that shirt and play some god damn touch football or you're going to get bodyslammed. It's Chuck Grassley with a silver tongue and a nuclear arsenal.


Yes, the Air Force has the (unintentionally) weirdest Twitter account of them all. And here are some of its greatest hits:

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And then there is, of course, this, probably the account's best tweet of all time:


Unbridled joy. Only topped by the sheer lunatic tank-balls of the Army on Twitter. Sorry, USAF.


Can't argue with that.

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