Why Does Superman Need A Truck?

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You ever wonder what kind of car Superman would drive? I mean, with flight, super speed, the ability to haul whatever furniture you buy with your bare hands, and Metropolis' presumably excellent subway system, car ownership becomes irrelevant pretty fast. Don't tell that to Ram, though.


This bad boy is the Man of Steel Ram Power Wagon, specially decked out to promote the movie that comes out next week. As Motor Trend reports, the customized Ram 1500 has 17-inch black wheels, various Superman logos inside and out, red grille accents, and a blue paint job resembling his costume in the new movie that I find kind of cool, actually.


The truck will be at the movie's New York premiere on June 10, and after that, it will be auctioned for charity, which is nice too.

But why make a Superman-themed truck? Here's the official version:

“Ram celebrates those who dare to be great and never back down from a challenge… This is the essence of Superman and also embodies our Ram truck buyers,” Ram brand president and CEO Reid Bigland said in a statement.

I won't argue with Reid Bigland all that much, especially since he's built like he could maybe take Superman in a fight.

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But come on, this is just silly. Superman has nothing to do with cars. The first time we see him, he's destroying one, but beyond that, it's hard to make connections between him and any kind of vehicle.


Iron Man? Sure. He's a billionaire with a taste for high-tech speed. Batman? Same, albeit in a darker, more sinister way. You can't say that for Superman.

The only thing I'll give the Man of Steel Ram Power Wagon is that it's a hell of a lot more appropriate than that Superman Kia Optima Hybrid. At least this can lift things.


I'll turn it over to you folks. Why would Superman ever need a car, let alone a huge-ass truck?

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David Tracy

I kid you not, Patrick: Last summer I was in Ried Bigland's office and he said to my friend and me: "Hey, do you guys work out?"


Granted, I'm not very big by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I walked out of that office, tore my shirt off, and flexed for the rest of the workday. Okay, I didn't actually do that. But you could imagine.