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Why Does Rock Star Nick Mason's Ferrari Enzo Have A Spare Accelerator Pedal?

I recently stumbled into the deep, dark hell-hole that is the related video purgatory of automotive YouTube videos and came across this video of Harry Metcalfe, formerly of EVO Magazine, driving a Ferrari Enzo owned by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason—who keeps a spare accelerator pedal in the boot for some reason.

Metcalfe shows off the contents of the forward-trunk at just around 3:29 in the video, where he reaches for an accelerator pedal that seems to just be lying around and questions its existence. (You can watch part one of the video here.)


Now, it’s normal to find at least one attached accelerator pedal in a car, sure, but why would you need to keep a “spare” in the frunk of your million dollar Ferrari? Is that a “just in case” situation Enzo drivers have to worry about?

I reached out to some people who know Ferraris and showed them this video and it perplexed even them. Apparently it is normal for Ferrari to offer spares of anything to the owners of their super-exclusive, super expensive cars, but not typical for an owner to just have one pedal lying on the floor of the frunk. Often times people purchase spare pedals for vanity; as a piece of art or something to show off in their home or office.


But this pedal looks to just be a typical metal pedal. The people I spoke to said a vanity pedal would be in brass or gold, or have a Ferrari horse in gloss black, or some sort of expensive and fancy decor. Mason’s spare pedal is just a typical milled metal piece.

The only practical purpose I could come up with was that Nick Mason may have a specially sized pedal he keeps around for when the car isn’t being driven by others or for special track day use.

Other than that I have no clue, and it’s not really important. I’m just curious if anybody else has any idea why you would need a spare accelerator pedal lying around. Give me your ideas.

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