Why did this crazy man smash up 15 cars at a Mazda dealership?

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The man was visibly drunk as he stumbled into the car lot more than three hours past midnight. He took a call on his cell phone, then became enraged. The dealership's security cameras caught every idiotic minute of what happened next.

It started just before 3:30 am this past Saturday morning at John Hine Mazda San Diego. Edward Roth, 22, nattily clad in a vest, dress shirt and tie, began smashing 14 car windows with some sort of bat, kicked and severely dented at least one car door, smashed showroom windows and vandalized offices.

When San Diego police finally arrested Roth, hitting him with a tazer after he brandished a rock at cops, he had caused an approximate $50,000 in damage, not including depreciation of the damaged cars.


We may never know the nature of that phone call, but we do know that the dealership has no record of Roth ever having purchased a car there or having had one serviced.

Apparently, it's just a random act of post-beer-pong rage.

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sixt9coug loves his rimblow

Ed walked back from his home a total mess that night. Not only was it enough that he had a bad day at the office, but after coming home his wife was nowhere to be found. The kids, the furniture, half of the bank account and even the goddamn dog were gone. He was left alone in a hollow shell of a home with nothing but memories and a broken heart.

He picked up his phone and called the woman that he once loved to sort out what the mess was. She told him she was tired of the drinking, tired of the stagnant lifestyle and tired of him. She was already halfway to Bakersfield with the children in tow. She would not be coming back, and the divorce papers could be found on her side of the bed. She figure she needed to tell him as he has not even bothered to look there for almost 6 months now.

In a fit of rage he hangs up the phone and proceeds to try and drown in several bombers of Stone Ruination. Each empty bottle flies across the room and explodes into a glittered mess on the floor and the anger only grows. Fed up with the hollow walls gazing blankly upon him, he hits the streets.

Ed strolls down the street in a daze. Stumbling half blind through the cool night the Ruination starts to fight back. He falls to his knees and loses his liquid dinner all over the cold black ground. He is at rock bottom. Drunk, and passed out in front of a Mazda dealership Ed gazes up to see a brand new Mazda 3. Staring at him. Smiling. Mocking him.

Ed has had enough. The wife, the kids, the goddamn dog. All gone. Something must pay.