This young handsome beardless Santa celebrated Boxing Day by crashing his vintage Porsche 911 into a traffic signal at the corner of 5th Avenue and 19th Street in New York. What happened here? UPDATE!

There are few details but a couple of clues. The guy, who looks like a male model, is still wearing a Santa suit the day after Christmas, which sounds to us like someone who took too much nog and fell asleep dressed like Kris Kringle. And then there's the young woman next to him wearing the heels and viewing what's happening.


The cops, for their part, are just hanging out. So either a severely hungover guy crashed his new toy or this is some sort of advertisement (what kind of jerk wrecks a classic Porsche for an ad, though?). If it is a commercial we hope it's for Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief.

Either way, someone's been naughty.

UPDATE: Credit to Forgeryfade for finding the source of this photo, which goes back to 2008.