Why Carl Lewis Rules

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Nine Olympic gold medals should be reason enough for anyone to be considered a badass. But here's the thing: we don't consider Carl a badass because of that, although he was a childhood hero to us. We consider Carl a badass because in the world of sporting/celebrity culture, he's earned the right to be a total dick, yet the night the Bullrun ended, once the party in Haller's room got shut down by the Beverly Hilton's Gestapo, Nick Frankl chewed out the security guards and immediately got on the horn to Carl. Lewis invited us up to contiue the festivities. When we told him we didn't have a hotel room or a ride back to Pedro, he let us crash on his couch. What's more, the man even got us a blanket. That, friends, is class. We've met a number of our childhood and teenage heroes, and Carl's right up there with Joe Strummer in terms of fulfilling our expectations. Trust us, that's rare. Plus, the dude's funny as fuck.

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