Did you know that there's a limit to how much pleasure a human brain can experience? It's true, and easily demonstrable. First, ride around in a newly-purchased Mercedes-Maybach S600 and experience the epitome of luxury. Then step into this Maybach 62 and do the exact same thing, then realize you've saved almost six figures. Limit reached.

This 2009 Maybach 62 isn't a rebadged and hacked S-Class. Although it shares components like some of the basic architecture and drivetrain with other Mercedes-AMG cars, it's as bespoke as it comes. While you can find a Maybach 57 short wheel base for less than half of the price of this car, buying a cheap W220 S-Class will net you 90 percent of that same experience. This long wheelbase version, however, is a bit of somethin' else. The main difference between models is the partition, shutting you out from the elements, including the poor schmuck you hired to drive you around, and you will hire someone to drive, because holy hell, is the back of this car loaded. Just look at it and try to find a way in which a Rolls Royce can ever compete:


It's better appointed than most first class flights, and roomier than most New York apartments. And with only 33,000 miles, its twin-turbo AMG V12 engine is barely broken in. Also, according to the description, the car has some bespoke options that set it apart from any other luxury marque. Here's an excerpt:

Standing out from the crowd has never been easier. And it starts with the paintwork: The specially selected colors, such as Nayarite Silver or Himalayas Dark Grey, can be combined to give the Maybach a striking, yet elegant, two-tone finish. It goes without saying that only particularly fine and exclusive materials are considered for the interior. Sumptuous leather is complemented by exotic woods, such as Amboyna, while the superbly finished trim elements lend their own unique and timeless appeal to the passenger cabin.


With nearly every option equipped, this is a serious value for the executive or VIP that needs to travel in style. I'd choose this over a new Mercedes-Maybach S600, for a few reasons: first, it's more exclusive and isn't a trim level of the regular, frankly pedestrian S-Class. Next, it looks unlike anything else on the road, with its hulking mass gliding along even the most pockmarked of roads. Those who know, will admire, and those who don't, will think you're an uber-rich oligarch that's visiting on business and pleasure. Odds are, they're not wrong.

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