Lamborghini has sold over 3000 Huracans in the last 10 months, making it a global record for the brand. It also makes the supercar not that special. So you could spend $237,250 on the Hurcacan and just be another bro with a Lambo, or you have this incredible 1985 Lancia S4 Stradale.

Unlike the Huracan that you will end up seeing at every single Cars and Coffee for the next five years, this Lancia is only one of 45 cars ever built. Race spec versions of this car had an output of up to 600hp and could reach 60mph on loose gravel in 2.3 seconds.

So now the bad news...the car is listed for sale by Joe Macari Performance Cars in London, England. It has a price of £240,000.00 or aprox. $384,000 USD.

The car we are able to offer, is one of the few remaining perfect Delta S4s, a true road-going version of a rally and automotive icon. Built in 1985, the car cost £55,000 from new and has covered only 21,000km. Furthermore, this S4 has recently undergone substantial restoration on the bodywork, mechanics and paintwork, meaning it is presented in 'better than new' condition. The S4 is currently sitting in full 'stradale' specification, however a spare Group B front-end and Stradale rear-end will be included in the sale. Following its restoration, the car has dyno'd at over 300bhp and is naturally perfect in and out following months of attention by Italian specialists. This S4 is now also in 'Potenziato Spec;' which involves modifications such as wider rear tyres and strengthened clutch. Although previously finished in Verde York and known amongst enthusiasts as the "Green Car," the car is now finished in its original factory Red with an untouched Beige suede interior.


Good news...the car is left-hand-drive and it should qualify for importation into the United States as it is over 25 years old.


Supercars are know what's not stupid? Rally cars. I believe there is a part us that desires a street-legal rally car and what is more bad-ass than a street-legal Group B rally car?

The answer is nothing...nothing is more bad-ass than that.

(H/T to Arch Duke Maxyenko, SHAZAM!)

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