Why Audi Wants You To Pay $146,045 For This RS7

With a starting price of $104,900, the Audi RS7 is not a car for poors. And with 560 horsepower, it is not a car for slows, either. Now Audi has a new RS7 they want you to pay an extra $42,000 for that's full of exclusivity and dynamism. It is called the Audi Exclusive RS 7 Dynamic Edition.

Just look at all that exclusivity and dynamism! I feel like my heart is going to thump right out of my chest. Goodness gracious.


You may be asking yourself: "What could possibly justify such a huge price increase over the base RS7, which is pretty luxurious and incredibly fast on its own?" Well congratulations, philistine. You have exposed yourself as someone with no appreciation for exclusivity and/or dynamism.

But I shall lower myself to your level and answer your question for you. When you opt for this package, you get red stitching. And red seat belts. And fancy Black Valcona leather seats. And red brake calipers! And carbon fiber aero kit and engine cover, because that's a thing you will definitely need.

You also get the optional Dynamic Ride Control for your riding and handling pleasure. That can be had on the normal RS7, sure, but that car is practically a Golf compared to this exclusive and dynamic machine.


Try not to stare directly at it. Most of you won't be able to handle the luxury. Anyone else ready to put a deposit down on this beast? I'm getting three.

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