Who's Got The Best Insides? Ward's "Interiors of the Year" Results

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They may not compare to the sumptuous 1978 Continental Mark V 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Edition (pictured), but today's car interiors were recently scrutinized by Ward's and by members of the auto industry. It was part of Ward's Auto Interiors show 2007, recently held at Detroit's Cobo Center. The winners were announced in two categories, one picked by the magazine's staff and one by the industry, divided in class segments. Among industry types, it appears GM's focus of late on interior quality produced results — the general swept five of seven awards. Ward's agreed on only three. One glaring takeaway: Lincoln beats Audi? Surely you jest.


Ward's Staff:
Economy-Priced Car: Honda Fit
Popular-Priced Car: Saturn Aura
Premium-Priced Car: Volvo S80
Popular-Priced CUV: Honda CRV
Premium-Priced CUV: Cadillac SRX
Popular-Priced Truck: Chevy Silverado
Premium-Priced Truck: Lincoln Navigator

Economy-Priced Car: Dodge Caliber
Popular-Priced Car: Saturn Aura
Premium-Priced Car: Lincoln MKZ
Popular-Priced CUV: Saturn Outlook
Premium-Priced CUV: Cadillac SRX
Popular-Priced Truck: Chevy Silverado
Premium-Priced Truck: Cadillac Escalade


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So the "industry" thinks the Dodge Caliber is the best Economy Car Interior? Does that mean that the "industry" is going to strive to that level of quality and design?

Seriously, the Caliber, other than it's rather generous list of optional features is the WORST cheap car interior I've sat in. Ergonomics aren't terrible, but the design is completely ugly, it's not particularly comfortable, and ever surface feels quite terrible with the exception of a decent leather wrapped steering wheel on more expensive models.

Mazda3, Rabbit, Fit, and plenty others beat the Caliber.

Plenty of other confusing choices too (The Saturn beat the GMC, which is the same thing but with slightly nicer materials and detailing?!)

Maybe Jalopnik needs to conduct it's own survey, so we at least know what enthusiasts who like the intertubes think are the best interiors...