Who's Faster — Tiff Needell In A TVR Or Tiff Needell In A Z3 M Roadster?

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.

We've already proven by watching old episodes of Top Gear that Tiff Needell has superhuman powers. The last time we heard from him, he was running in front of some great 1990s sportscars at highway speeds. But this may just be the video that proves how unfathomably powerful Tiff truly is.


In it, we see him race in a BMW Z3 M Roadster — AGAINST HIMSELF in a TVR Chimaera. That's right, Tiff has the ability to bilocate, or defy the laws of time and space by appearing in two places at the same time.

My best guess now is that he's actually God, or some kind of deity, and we all exist in one of his dreams. Terrifying to think about.

Anywho, you'll have to watch the video to see which Tiffmobile comes out on top: the Chimaera, one of Britain's nastiest sportscars packing a 320 horsepower V8, or the Z3 M, a real street fighter in its own right with a 3.2-liter straight six and just as many ponies.


Which one would you put in your garage?

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