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Latest Ferrari Enzo crasher, Richard Losee stepped away from his recent Utah dustup with mere fractured bones. (Man, the Ferrari-safety commercial featuring him and Stephan Erickson standing next to their torn-up Enzos writes itself β€” though the logistics of filming from prison may be tricky.) Thanks to several tipsters, we identified Losee as the owner of Road and Track's "Long Term" Enzo test car, circa 2003 and 2004. We though the lead to one of his installments was particularly apt at this juncture:

Okay, I'll admit it, I like open-air cars. But before some of you purists cry foul, know that the original doors are untouched, safely stored and can be refitted in less than an hour. I guess I spent too many winter nights staring at the Ferrari Enzo in my garage, wondering what it would look and feel like in an open configuration on a nice day.

Looks like under an hour was a bit of a conservative estimate for the "refitting" project timeline.

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