Whoa! 959 On eBay!

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Goddamn, we're feeling old right now. A reader by the name of Vik, who is apparently from the land of utes, Vegemite, Neighbours and Radio Birdman just wrote tipping us off to a Porsche 959 on eBay. A statement which he followed up with, "Never knew there were cars like this in the 80's." What? In the 1980s, if you didn't already have a Countach or a Testarossa on your bedroom wall, it was mandatory that you had a 959. Has the mighty 959 been forgotten by the young generation? Is the gray in our hair really that evident? Oh why, why, did we not get married when we had the chance? We regret everything.

1989 Porsche 959 S US Racing ( Brand New ) [eBay]

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