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The job of the U.S. Transportation Secretary is to develop policies related to America's transportation needs and to oversee nearly a dozen federal agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration.

That's why we at Jalopnik are glad to see Ray LaHood gone from this role. His misguided, relentless campaign against distracted driving led to attempts at regulations we didn't want or need, and it took the focus away from America's real transportation issues.


So who should get his job? Frankly, I'd like to see someone who's a bit of a car enthusiast himself. As a bonus, I think the office could benefit from someone with business experience who can also kick people in the face.

That's why I nominate Frank Martin, The Transporter. He's got transportation in his name! Who could get the job done better? I know he's not real, but in a perfect world, he's the man I would want in this highly important cabinet-level position. Remember that he's 14th in line to be president, too. And I want my presidents to be able to handle themselves in a fight.

If Frank's not available, I'd take Vin Diesel as a close second.

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